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Sorry, but weebly has just been better for my health, so this directory and bio site, plus a new blog, has been moved to I can’t afford the redirection fee, so just click the damn link already!



Nicolas James Hampton is the twenty seven year old Michigan State University dropout who wouldn’t stop showing up to Diane Wakoski’s office hours. In his entire life he’s never once lived alone, and the experiences he’s had living with strange curiosities has greatly influenced his writing aesthetic. A former poetry editor for The Litribune, he helped publish the first three issues of the magazine. His poems have been published in several online journals,including ElimaeShort Fast And DeadlyGutter EloquenceDecomP, Softblow Poetry Journal. He was involved in the workshop and printing of the first issue of Air Poetry Magazine, now Black Tongue Review. He’s resided in Chicago, IL, Lansing, MI, and now lives in his hometown of Kalamazoo, MI. Nicolas currently keeps himself busy interning for the Poets In Print reading series at the Kalamazoo Book Arts Club, & as the editor in chief and poetry editor of Asylum Lake Magazine in Kalamazoo, MI (USA). 


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